Pythagoras in Boots is Gone: RIP Johann Cruyff

  Johan Cruyff, the mad Dutch genius who provided the world with an unsurpassed combination of beauty, grit, and guile in his game, sadly has passed after a battle with cancer. Regarded as one of the sport’s greats, his exploits… Continue Reading

RBNY: A Sad State of Affairs for the Bulls

Red Bull New York: the Artists Formerly Known as….   Well, it’s been quite an underwhelming and frankly disappointing few weeks here in MetroBull land. After the come-from-ahead loss to Seattle and a drubbing at the hands of the Dynamo,… Continue Reading

RBNY: Petke Out – I Guess Ali Curtis Hates Cardigans?

Well, hello Red Bull fans. How are you feeling? Unnerved? Upset? Angry? Downright homicidal? Well, channel your inner Marcus Burnett (aka Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys), and say it with me…woo sah…woo sahhhhh…wooooo sahhhhh   Didn’t help? Nope, I didn’t… Continue Reading