Pythagoras in Boots is Gone: RIP Johann Cruyff

  Johan Cruyff, the mad Dutch genius who provided the world with an unsurpassed combination of beauty, grit, and guile in his game, sadly has passed after a battle with cancer. Regarded as one of the sport’s greats, his exploits… Continue Reading

My Footballing Pet Peeves

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, you love the game of football – although we may love this game, there will always be little things about it that drive people up the proverbial wall and grind their gears. That’s… Continue Reading

RBNY: Petke Out – I Guess Ali Curtis Hates Cardigans?

Well, hello Red Bull fans. How are you feeling? Unnerved? Upset? Angry? Downright homicidal? Well, channel your inner Marcus Burnett (aka Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys), and say it with me…woo sah…woo sahhhhh…wooooo sahhhhh   Didn’t help? Nope, I didn’t… Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Hipster Soccer Clubs

Detractors from the game we love have dubbed it a socialist sport, a commie endeavor, one favored by the liberal ‘lefties’.  Whether that is due to the more open fluidity of the game itself, the grey areas prevalent in both the way… Continue Reading