Footy Books: The Outsider

The Outsider by Johnathan Wilson is a deep-dive into the enigma-wrapped-in-a-riddle that is the goalkeeper. Wilson, as he so often does, masterfully weaves a story throughout the common thread that all of his “characters” hold, their shared experience as the crazy one… Continue Reading

Footy Books: 8 World Cups

Eight World Cups: My Journey Through the Beauty and Dark Side of Soccer by George Vecsey does what few others books about this game can. It canonizes the history of the sport’s Mount Olympus through the lens of one man who… Continue Reading

Footy Books: Thirty One Nil

All of my life I’ve been fascinated with the world around us.  The people in it, where they’re from, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.  Flags, their colors, and shapes used to jump from pages to my interested eyes.… Continue Reading

Footy Books: Ajax, The Dutch, The War

  I think I’m an academic at heart.  If I could afford the time and money to do it, I’d probably be going back to school multiple times for different interests and inclinations.  I find the study of various ancient… Continue Reading