Hands held together, raised aloft, in an imploring fashion is a universally recognized demonstration of faith.  This act of faith permeates society throughout the world, each religion with its own ideological code when it comes to the act of prayer.  This spiritual act is something shared with the sporting community, with some players known for the steadfast adherence to their faith.


Outside of players’ personal beliefs, how often do we see a player cross him or herself upon the opening whistle of a game, prior to entering the field of play, or just after scoring the decisive basket, goal, or touchdown?  So often do we see soccer (football) players, hands turned up to the sky as to ask “Why, God?”


or clasped in prayer giving thanks for the fortune bestowed upon them on the field of play, or for the pure fortune they’ve experienced in their life to follow and realize their ultimate dream.


The spiritual presence within the beautiful game is undoubted, whether it be the fortune, or misfortune, experienced in unbelievable moments of brilliance, incompetence, or failure.  The pleas for a clean strike of the ball during a nerve-wracking penalty shootout, the clasped hands of supporters praying for a miracle in the dying seconds of a match


– these moments and the emotions that come with them, along with many others, are the moments that Praying to the Soccer Gods (PttSG) will share with you.  I hope you enjoy browsing these moments as much as I enjoy sharing them, and my love for the beautiful game, with you!


Hands clasped we pray for olé:

Let me share my passion with you!



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