Footy Books: There’s Only Two David Beckhams

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A bit of footy fiction this time around with John O’Farrell’s book, There’s Only Two David Beckhams! How exactly this phrase fits into the story, is up to you to find out. With that said, it’s an interestingly crafted tale that slowly reveals itself until the final few pages of the book where the truth explodes from the page. Roger is a journalist covering World Cup Qatar 2022, the main setting for our story and somehow still on pace to be the site of the real 2022 World Cup, where his investigative skills have brought him to a crucial crossroads torn between the story of his career or the wish of a lifetime.

Qatar 2022 Corruption

Blatter: “Here you go, you’re definitely not to commit human rights atrocities, create modern-day slave labor camps and you’re okay with bending customary Islamic laws in your country to make sure Budweiser can sell beer, right?” Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani: “Have no worries Mr. Blatter, your money…I mean World Cup, is in safe hands!”


With a witty voice, John O’Farrell both pokes fun at and celebrates the game we all know and love. O’Farrell exposes the game for what it is on all fronts: wonderful, terrible, uplifting, demoralizing, corrupt, inclusive, a true sporting enigma. Oscillating between the complicated nature of a father-son relationship, the love of something larger than oneself, and man’s constant moral struggle, this book is more than just about football. Who knew football could stir up such meta concepts? In all seriousness, Two David Beckhams is nowhere near a philosophical tome. But it does deliver some feel-good moments, inspires introspection, and leaves the reader with a smile, the worldwide symbol of a book well written.

My Rating:

4.5/5 Jules Rimet trophies! A nice departure from the historical/educational tone that some footy books can take on, this one struck a nice balance and threw a few twists in turns in for good measure!

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In honor of EURO 2016 having overtaken our TV screens, my favorite moment of the tournament so far….hands clasped we pray for olé! Gotta love Iceland, putting Cristiano right where he belongs, in the crybaby corner.