PttSG Reborn

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. We waver, we wane, we stray. Our dedication and piety are challenged. It may be temporary for some – for others, it’s truly the end of the road. This is true both in football as it is in life. When starting this blog I wanted it to be less about recapping matches and more about the wonderful world of ephemera and pomp that surrounds this beautiful game. The wonder-strikes. The personalities. The gear and lifestyle culture. And yes, the scandals. I wanted to scratch the surface of and then dive into supporter culture, the evolution of the game, and the reasons why I love  it. I got away from that and became an RBNY recap site. Not my intention. My love and fanaticism for RBNY are well-known and it’s still something I’d like to share with you all, but not in as formulaic of a manner.

With that said, this is the official reboot of PttSG. I’ll be bringing back Footy Books as soon and as frequently as possible (next up: the topics of Becks and ‘keeps’). Introducing football lifestyle brands and gear and featuring them in my day-to-day as well. All while exploring topics both central to the game itself (‘The 21st Century Footballer: A Product of a Global Melting Pot’) and delving into the innumerable layers of art, gear, design, and myriad other creative outlets that extend and expand the experience of the game on and off the pitch.

I’m excited to bring new and different articles – less of the match recaps and player ratings – and more interesting ways to share in the experience at Red Bull Arena (think timelapse…), any and all of the football ephemera I come across, along with a better representation of how we as football fans engage with the sport above and beyond just the 90 minutes on the pitch.

Welcome to the rebirth of Praying to the Soccer Gods (PttSG), and we hope you’ll come along for the ride!

PttSG Shrine

|| hands clasped we pray to Diego, Puskas and Pelé ||