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Hi there, once again I must apologize for the dearth of posts, I’ve just returned from vacation in Europe:





and wasn’t able to dedicate much time to the blog. I was able to catch the Dallas and Philly matches while on our trip and although frustrating, we were unlucky in both and besides the fact that we allowed the Union to beat us in our own house, there are positives to take away from both matches.

I did return in time to watch the Seattle match this past Sunday, and once again although we left points on the table – we were cruising along with that one goal lead – we looked strong, and away from home at it as well.

To cut to the chase, let’s give an overall squad and manager rating for the past three matches

Squad Rating: 6.5

Manager Rating: 5.5

Overall I think the squad did well (maybe the defense aside) and was quite unlucky to not have luck bounce their way this time, but Jesse needs an injection of creativity, off-the-cuff thinking, etc. If it’s from injecting new players into the squad or current members into new wrinkles within the system, something needs to change. Clubs now know how to deal with our high press and break it, but we don’t seem to have much of a secondary punch to follow up our very effective jab.
The underlying theme with this poor run of results is the defense: Zubar is still sidelined and rumored to be shooting for a mid-June return and the US Open Cup as the stage for it, Miazga is gone with the U-20s, heck he may even get a sniff at the roster for this summer’s Gold Cup and with the likes of Kemar Lawrence, Roy Miller, and Karl Ouimette receiving call-ups for the Gold Cup as well, what is our backline going to look like for the dog days of summer?

You just know Karl is sitting there in his house like:

Who me?!?


They want ME?!


Let’s be serious Canada, you’ve GOT to have a couple better centerbacks that Karl-freakin’-Ouimette! I kiiiiind of don’t want to think/talk about what it’s going to look like when close to 1/2 of our defenders are away on national team duty. Combine that with a meek offense, especially in the past few matches, and we may be readying ourselves for our annual Summer Slump.

Let’s see what the boys have in store on Friday night on Viernes de Fútbol, ¡olé!

Next Match: Friday, June 5th @ 9PM ET – Univision Deportes Network (UDN)


Hands clasped we pray for olé…while his entire stint with RBNY wasn’t as chummy as it was at the outset, this goal still holds a significant piece of my MetroBulls heart:

Someone find Mike Petke’s set-piece notebook because I think he’s got a couple more doozies in there like this one!


– PttSG