RBNY: Man City Lite/Juniors/Reserves Gored at the Arena


Red Bull New York: the Artists Formerly Known as….



I’ll just let the scoreline, overall run of play, and brilliant tifo displays speak for themselves. The atmosphere was electric and in my opinion a close second to the October 2013 match against Chicago to clinch the Supporter’s Shield.

You ain't gotta go home (cuz you don't have one), but you gotta get up outta here

You ain’t gotta go home (‘cuz you don’t have one), but you gotta get the heck up outta here – The Late, Great Stuart Scott

The South Ward was brilliant, and finally appeared to be working in unison for once…


…and I believe the players fed off of that. Besides putting our noisy neighbor, who so desperately wants to be relevant and pretend like they’re not a manufactured, plastic franchise (with Front Office created tifo displays and “supporter’s” groups) in their place, the squad acquitted themselves quite nicely.

Ummm, it's upside down guys. It's really not that hard of a concept...

C’mon man! It’s upside down, it’s really not that hard…

Great job with that one by the Third Rail, I mean….

NYCFC’s BRILLIANT Supporter’s Group….not

Going 60 minutes with 10 men, it didn’t often look like the boys were even down a man as everyone played their socks off for the win. Let’s get down to business…

Squad and Ratings:

GK luis_robles Luis Robles – 7 – Solid once again and could do nothing about the goal from Mullins, just wish he had gotten the shutout like he deserved. Did well to come out and quell danger when the defense was creaking, and as always, kept the backline in shape and distributed like a champ.

D kemar_lawrence Kemar Lawrence – 8 – I think RBNY has a challenger for the title of “Fastest Jamaican on the Roster”, boy does he have jets! The icing on the cake when it comes to Kemar is that he’s got the technical abilities to accent his speed, sadly Dane’s a bit lacking in that area. Definitely a candidate for Man of the Match, he was EVERYWHERE on defense with five tackles, four interceptions, and an unquantifiable amount of energy that he poured into the match. I loved watching him chase down Shelton, who thought he was through into our defensive third, in the second half as if the match had just started, the guy is a beast.

D damien_perrinelle Damien Perrinelle – 6 – Solid, steady and unspectacular. These are adjectives one always wants to see attributed to their center backs, but the word ‘slow’ is not one. He does well to play within himself and to his strengths, but it was obvious that the long ball over the top was to be the preferred option of attacking our high defensive line. His lack of pace is plain for all to see and teams are targeting that. With Miazga out (and not much of a speedster either) for at least a month now, let’s hope Zubar has some wheels to complement Damien’s cerebral approach to the game.

D matt_miazga (1) Matt Miazga – 5.5 – Foolish play once again. He’s definitely showing his youth through these rash challenges, even if he was a bit hard done by on the second yellow. Lucky for him, the boys were able to hold onto the result, but he’s got to stop putting the rest of the squad in these positions. He’ll be out for the next match as a result of the red and then joins up with the U-20s for the U-20 World Cup in New Zealand. This will be a phenomenal test for the young lad, let’s hope he comes back with even more confidence than he’s already shown so far this season.

D chris_duvall Chris Duvall – 6 – Another solid night for the Wake Forest product, his combination and overlapping of Sam was much better than in recent weeks, but his end product in the offensive third still needs some development. As always, he was solid on the defensive side of things and contributed a nice dose of grit and a defensive bite to the match.

M felipe Felipe – 7 – Another steady, unsung performance from the little Brazilian. He’s such a great complement to Dax and his style of play that they can interchange quite easily without any discernible shift in shape or any worry about defensive cover. It’s becoming increasingly obvious why he was brought to RBNY by Marsch in one of his first moves as boss, A++ on that one Jesse.

dax_mccarty Dax McCarty – 7.5 – Coming off a bit of a dip in form from the Colorado and Revs matches, Dax was once again back to being his old self. Calm and collected on the ball, incisive going forward, tenacious – all the things we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from the Ginger Ninja. I was hoping he’d get a goal as I’m sure his pride for the club and hot streak surely would have caused his hair to burst into flames celebrating his tally.

M sacha_kljestan Sacha Kljestan – 7 – Much better from Sacha, especially that sumptuous first touch to settle before sending in the delicious ball for BWP to wrap up his brace.


Soooo pretty

Strangely enough, I thought this was Sacha’s best match for us to date and many would consider him to have been played ‘out of position’ on the left once Miazga got his marching orders. Nice to see the flexibility he provides.

M lloyd_sam Lloyd Sam (SUBBED) – 7.5 – Once again truly a livewire throughout the match. Created the first goal by turning RJ Allen’s underpants inside out and showed great poise and intelligence in leading the counterattack for BWP’s second. If he doesn’t get his head up and slow the break just a bit so he can find Sacha, that goal doesn’t happen. Bravo Lloyd.

mike_grella Mike Grella (SUBBED) – NR – Wasn’t on the pitch long enough to really make an impact before he was sacrificed for Ouimette, but honestly didn’t look as if he was on his way to a good showing. With the possibility of RBNY adding Irish international James McClean, Grella may be relegated to more of a reserve/depth role.

bradley_wright-phillips – BWP (SUBBED) – 8 – Two well-taken finishes on quality service from the wings but, and I hate to sound like a spoilsport here, he should have had himself a hat-trick at least. He’s a great finisher, but when he’s got too much time on the ball, he seems to stymy himself. If there’s a dip in his production, we could be in trouble. A July move (once the MLS transfer window re-opens) for some depth up top should be a focal point for the club.



M dane_richards – Dane Richards – NR – Unlucky to have been called offside near the death, as his speed undoubtedly would have put him through on goal. As for whether he would have finished the chance, that’s another story…

D karl_ouimette Karl Ouimette – 6 – Much better from Ouimette in comparison to his start against the Revs, especially having to come off the bench in such an unexpected situation. The thing is, if he’s the first center back off the bench, what with Miazga leaving for New Zealand with the U-23s and Zubar and his wonky hamstring, we could be asking for trouble down the line.

D roy_miller Roy Miller – NR – Came on very late for Sam to combat Man City Lite’s substitutes who were full of energy. Didn’t really get involved enough for a true rating, but when he was needed he was active, hungry, and smart with the ball. Depth at outside back is a nice thing to have.

MGR marsch Jesse Marsch – 8 – Prepared the team phenomenally for the match. For probably only the second time this season – in my opinion – Marsch actually had the guys up for the match and busting out of the gates with intensity and passion. That, plus the fact that he prepared the squad for the possibility of going down a man ahead of the match, shows he’s a bit of a Jedi in training


Jesse in a few years…

Next Match:  Friday 5/15 @ FC Dallas – The Battle of the Bulls in Frisco, TX

Hands clasped, we pray for olé…and this week’s strike(s) comes from Clint Mathis (otherwise affectionately known as Cletus) and his five, yes you read that correctly, FIVE goal outburst against FC Dallas’ previous incarnation Dallas Burn. Which by the way had by far my favorite original MLS logo:


The sheer 90s-ness of this is amazing! A rearing horse with lightning legs in an audacious black, red, and puke green color scheme, Jorge Campos’ jerseys look tame in comparison!  And I’m still trawling eBay for this gem:

dallas burn kit

Anyways, here’s Cletus showing the Ponies how it’s done:


Bonus laughs: keep your ears open for the car alarm going off about 36 seconds in. That was the reality of MLS 1.0, you could hear the players talking, coaches yelling, and people’s cars being stolen from the parking lot. Ahh, the memories.